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About PleasureBytes

about us

Relive the excitement of computer games of the old days

In today’s fast-paced, digital world, computer games have been transformed, their old glamour and alluring mystery gone, replaced by a code or download address sent by email.

We want to revive this old magic, whether it’s a small-scale exclusive release or a truly ground-breaking retro blockbuster.

What we do

Complete game publishing service

Not just as a publisher – we want to be involved in the distribution of your game, but as a partner from the very beginning, from the idea of the game, all the way to its full implementation and distribution in the markets you want to reach.


If your game is just an idea, we’ll be happy to help you work out the details, taking into account market needs, to create a competitive game that your target audience will find interesting and enjoyable.


If you’re a great programmer but can’t handle graphics or music, we’ll find you the ideal partner to create the graphics or compose the music you’ve been dreaming of. We can also help with programming tasks.


Appearance is as important as game design to ensure that your videogame takes the place it deserves on the shelves of your fans and collectors, so we can provide you with a full range of design and manufacturing services for the physical appearance of your games.


We offer a full range of distribution services, from market research and the selection of appropriate distribution channels to packaging and logistics.