About us

There is that fortunate situation in life when a hobby can also be a profession. In early 2023, Imre Lóránth and Kornél Kolma met for the umpteenth time at ReGamEx and decided to channel their passion for retro games by founding a retro game publishing company. Thus, PleasureBytes was born.

About PleasureBytes
Kornel Kolma "Ko-Ko"


Kornél "Ko-Ko" Kolma

At the age of 12, Kornél received a Commodore +/4, and this changed everything. A year later, he was programming in assembly, and during his university years, he wrote games for cable TV companies. He then became an IT journalist and later Editor-in-Chief. After this he spent 2 years at the world’s largest software multinational, Microsoft Hungary, as an Online Marketing Manager and IT-pro Community Lead. From there, it was a straight path to founding his own agency specializing in marketing communication and web development. This is how he became a programmer-turned-digital storyteller, or if you prefer, a communications professional who can also code. His passion for retro remains unwavering, and he regularly codes for 6502 and Z80 retro-based platforms.

Imre Loranth "Lawry"


Imre "Lawry" Lóránth

Imre became the happy owner of a Commodore +/4 at the age of 8, after his parents took a computer crash course and decided that computers were fun and would certainly be useful for their son in the future. And they were absolutely right. It was love at first sight, with the poor machine working almost 0-24 hours from the moment it was first switched on. It was running games, programming and demos. There was no stopping. And as the years go by, the passion for computers and games never fades. Besides all these, Imre is among the esteemed software and hardware collectors of Europe, with a rich understanding of the market and the desires of fellow collectors. He regularly showcases unique pieces from his collection to the general public, is committed to archiving and preserving software and hardware for posterity, and he is the Vice-President of the HCC Section of the Neumann János Computer Science Society.

About US

About PleasureBytes.Games

Fly back with us to the 80s and 90s, to the fairytale era when computer games weren’t just 0s and 1s, when you waited weeks and months to get your hands on a game you’d previously seen in a magazine or a shop window. Relive the feeling of getting that coveted game and hurriedly ripping off the foil to try it out on your computer.

We at PleasureBytes are determined to be a time machine to transport our Partners and Customers back to those times, giving them the opportunity to indulge their passion for collecting, accepting and acknowledging the special role that games play in their lives.

Why have we created pleasurebytes.games?

We’re not saying that everything was better in the past, but a lot of things were! Like the feeling when you bought a game and didn’t just get a digital code or a link to download the game, but an aesthetically pleasing, tasteful box that you could hold in your hand and impatiently open to peek inside the treasure chest.

As soon as you lifted the lid of the box and saw the contents, you were immediately sucked in and captivated by the thousands of tiny details that had been hidden inside. Later, the box took its place on the shelves of your collection, and every time you entered the room and gazed upon it, a smile would come to your face and a feeling of satisfaction would fill your heart.

In today’s digital world, we want to show more of the physical reality of games to satisfy the collector’s desires beyond the gaming experience. Every game we are involved in creating is a creative and unique concept, reflecting the dreams, ideas, and personality of its creator.

Why work with us?

It’s important to us that the new releases are not just for the popular platforms, we also want to give the opportunity to publish titles for computers that are unique to a country, thus ensuring international exposure for these platforms, which are unfamiliar to many.

We have designed our workflows to be able to produce limited editions in small batches (50+), or even to produce a huge range of products (1000+) known and loved by the retro market.

We are aware of the difficulties a programmer faces when trying to publish a game. We know the potential pitfalls, traps and legal mazes so we can help you make your work a reality. Our aim is to build a business relationship based on long-term trust, satisfaction and mutual success.