Developing New Games for a 40-Year-Old Hungarian Microcomputer

We are proud to announce that PleasureBytes Games is one of the official sponsors of a game development competition for Homelab 2 – a 40-year-old, Z80-based home computer.

Referred to as the “Hungarian Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak”, the teenage brother duo, József Lukács and Endre Lukács, completed their Homelab-2 computer by 1982. They intended it to be an affordable, easy-to-use home computer, thus establishing a new category in Hungary. Inspired by the news of British Sinclair’s computers, the young brothers designed their microcomputer based entirely on their own ideas. The Homelab-2 computers were built by individuals in a “do it yourself” manner at the Neumann Society’s department founded by Endre Simonyi, in the HCC computer-building club: everyone used what they could – some even built their own soldered computers into candy boxes or briefcases.

Only a few original units of the iconic Homelab-2 computers remain, and the same is true for the programs. The demonstration programs on the machine’s sample cassette are still being sought after. “This iconic Hungarian microcomputer still inspires and brings out creativity in programmers today,” said Gábor Képes, a computer historian at the Neumann Society and the brainchild of the game development competition.

PleasureBytes Games will offer the first-place winner the opportunity for publication, in addition to awarding cash prizes to other participants.

More details (in Hungarian): https://njszt.hu/hu/news/2023-09-29/negyveneves-magyar-mikroszamitogepre-fejlesztenek-uj-jatekokat
Image source: Gábor Képes (NJSZT) + Tamás Urbán (Fortepan)